Dynamic Stretching Exercises – Before Your Work Out

Here we will be discussing Dynamic Stretching Exercises in detail. This will include how to do them and what areas of the body they will be stretching. Dynamic stretches are best utilized before a workout to warm up with stretching movement that cover a full range of motion rather than Static Stretches which are primarily for use after a workout. These stretches are used to soften connective tissue and allow you to get the most out of your workout without unnecessary pain or injury. Dynamic stretches before a workout is very important to avoid injury and work the specific muscles you are about to use. The video below is a great source to learn about why dynamic stretches help the body. If you are doing to be working out your chest, you don’t want to be stretching only your legs for example. Now we can cover what you would need to do prior to working out your chest and other body parts.

Chest Stretches

There are two primary muscles in the chest which are the pectoralis major, connected to the arm, and pectoralis minor, connected to the front of the shoulder blade. Since the pec major is connected to the upper arm bone, it is best stretched by moving the arms backwards horizontally. As the pec minor is attached to the shoulder blade it is best stretched by lifting your arms and shoulders vertically. A few stretches will cover these movements starting with arm circles. Arm circles are a fantastic dynamic stretch for you chest and get it ready to utilize as many muscles fibers during your exercise. This stretch is perfect for your pec major and pec minor. Another stretch called ‘ringing out the towel’ will help stretch the pec minor and work your rotator cuff. Resistance bands are always a great and inexpensive way to help you stretch dynamically so be sure to have one or two ready before your work out.

Back Stretches

The back is one of the largest muscles groups on the body which make it very important and prominent in many exercises, so it is equally vital to stretch them out. The main back muscles are the Latissimus Dorsi (Lats), Trapezius (Traps), Erector Spinae, Rhomboids and the smaller Teres Major. There is a lot going on when it comes to back muscles and most are connected to the spine making them very important muscles for the human body. The ‘worlds greatest stretch’ is great for spinal rotation and involve the shoulder and hip as well. There are also some great static stretches for the back that I will cover in detail here.

Leg Stretches

Another one of the largest muscle groups, the legs, are responsible for many activities and exercises. There a numerous dynamic stretches for the legs, like lunges or knee grabs, to get your body warmed up for your workout. The legs consist of 3 main muscle groups, the Quadriceps, the hamstrings and the calf muscles. The legs contain the strongest muscles in the body and possibly the most important tendon, the Achilles tendon. This being said, leg warm-ups are very important, one example is the quad stretch where you lift on leg behind you and grab your foot which stretches the strongest muscle. Leg swings are also great to get your blood pumping and provide a healthy stretch for your hamstrings. Combining the leg sweep to quad stretch will be more efficient. For the calves, you can use a vertical surface and lean your foot on it tilted upward and pulling your body slowly forward toward the wall. This is a great calf stretch and the only one you really need. The hip pull will help with hip mobility which is important for compound movements or cardio.

Make Stretching Part of Your Work Out

Those are the main stretches for the largest muscle groups in the body, the chest, the back and the legs. Make sure to dynamically stretch the muscles you wish to use in your workout so you avoid unnecessary strain or injury. To further improve muscle growth use Static Stretches after your workouts. If you have any questions or find anything I missed or skipped, let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading.

Author: Paul Zollo

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  1. Thank you for this great tips on the dynamic stretching exercises. I love exercises but taking time for stretching have been a daunting thing for me, probably because I don’t know how to do stretching. Having got some stretching tips now, especially the back stretching, I will have to try doing it again the way I should.

  2. I particularly like this training to stretch my chest muscle as it is a very large muscle, it can easily get tight when you hit the muscles or overuse them during the workout. If you work on better shoulder stability all around, you have to stretch your chest muscles to make that easier. Work one muscle, stretch the muscle to the opposite.

  3. I love my resistance bands and am always looking for more ways to incorporate them into my daily routines (of stretching and strength training!).

    I think it is really important that people do dynamic stretches before working out vs static stretches. I found that when I did static stretched before (And after) that my performance was weakened. I did a bit of research and essentially you are cooling your muscles down, loosening them in a way that is not ideal for working out.

    This was awesome– thanks for the reminder to always stretch!


    1. Thanks for reading Ciara! I am currently writing a post on static stretches and you are absolutely right. Static stretches are best done when going to sleep or after a work out.

  4. Your post on dynamic stretching exercises is really a joy to read. I would firstly have to recommend your website to my girl friend who is getting fatter and needs to trim down by doing some constant exercises.The back stretch, the leg stretch and the chest stretch you have mentioned seem to be good enough to achieve a tangible change in the body structure if carried out consistently and diligently. Thanks for such a quality and educative post you have shared.

    1. Thanks for the comment! It’s never to late to start exercising. Maybe send her to my post for Resistance Bands as they are a great starting point. I have affiliate links there as well if you don’t mind supporting my content, I would really appreciate it!

  5. Great post! I find stretching to be SO beneficial before my workouts. When I go the gym, my buddies laugh at me for stretching, but I’m never the one getting injured- they are. hehe. I must admit, I do leg stretches, neck stretches and back stretches, but I don’t stretch my chest. After reading this, I think i’m gonna incorporate a few chest stretches into my routine. Arm circles, like you said, would be a good way to do this. Thanks for the content! I look forward to reading more posts by you in the near future! ;D 

    1. Thanks Koda! I love chest stretches and Static stretches are also great for after your chest work out and I’m writing that post next!

  6. This article is exceptionally rich in information, this is an exhaustive and helpful article indeed! I must commend you for taking your time to experience every action to revealing these secrets. I have tried chest and back stretches before now and I can attest to the fact that i had a lovely time with this form of exercise. I hope to try other methods out very soon. Thanks for the eye opener

  7. Hello Paul,

    Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest. Daily walkout as been a wonderful exercise for body fitness. This article explains different stretches to engage with before performing or starting your daily walkout. I found so much joy in doing this every morning and I can say its really helpful in staying healthy. 

    Is there any amount of time to put into this?  This is an informative and educative article. Best regards 

    1. Thanks for the comment! I would say do dynamic stretches once before your workout and that should be plenty. Post coming soon for Static stretches which can be done twice a day on average, one in the morning and one at night.

  8. When I first started exercising, I thought I was all about exercising, so I refused to heed any advice to stretch. I sincerely thought it was a major waste of time. 

    But, I paid, I paid dearly for my nonchalance. I suffered aches upon aches all over my body and this lasted for days. When I made research I found out, it was because of the fact that I skip stretches. 

    Thanks for you article, I believe I would help people like me who don’t like stretching. 

    1. Thanks! I did the same thing when I started out but I’m glad I started stretching. Better late than never!

  9. Hi Paul, thanks for an amazing lecture on the importance of doing stretches before engaging in workout proper. It makes perfect sense to engage in this stretching exercises, not only does it serve as a prelude to the main exercise, it helps one to avoid unnecessary pain or injury just like you rightly said.

    I must confess that apart from learning how necessary it is to engage in stretches before workout, I also learnt one or two things about back muscles and their respective names.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I didn’t even know some stretches before researching these but they are very important!

  10. Interesting post on Best Fitness Gear for building a better you. I really appreciate the admin on this practical topic. I really love dynamic stretching exercises as it help my physical fitness. I usually engage in back and let stretches but I will like to add chest stretches to my schedule and routine. Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

  11. Thanks for this informative post, as it helped me realize the importance of stretching, It warms up your body even faster than a low-level aerobic activity such as a walk or run on the treadmill. It builds up intensity before the actual event and prepares the body for peak performance, it helps your body prepare itself for the demands you’re about to put it through. I’m so glad i came across this post today. Good job! 

  12. This article is a great safety reminder for me and for those who are so eager to lift weights as soon as they’re at the gym floor. I have to admit that sometimes I skip doing the dymamic stretching exercises especially when I’m on time constraint. Though I lately realized the importance of these as far as my safety is concerned and grateful really for this article for the affirmation to do these all the time to avoid any possible injuries. Thanks a lot!

  13. Hello Paul,

    I am very impressed by reading your valuable article about Dynamic Stretching Exercises. It is true that health is the root of all happiness. And exercise is essential for good health. The type of exercise has changed in the development of science and technology day by day. After reading the post I found out more about the Dynamic Stretching, especially the chest, back, and legs stretch. I exercise at home for three or four days a week. I’ll apply your instructions. Thank you sincerely for the excellent article.
    By the way, information and communication technology and computer engineering are my favorite topics too. 🙂


    1. Thanks a ton for reading and commenting! I agree, exercise is very important for happiness and self-worth. 

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