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I want to write about my experience at Gold’s Gym so far compared to other gyms. First, I had fairly high hopes about the prestigious gym as great bodybuilders have made a name for themselves such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who was one of the most famous original bodybuilders to use the gym in the 70’s. I can say that I’m not disappointed in the gym, the only negative thing I could possibly say about the experience is that some of there equipment seems a bit old. With that being said, it is still fully functional.

I came from a planet fitness membership, which I didn’t hate, but often the machines I needed to use that day were taken and the gym was very crowded. Other than that, the cost being $10 per month was reasonable and was the main reason I went there. When I work out, I’m usually doing a variety of workouts, for example, cardio (bikes or treadmills), machines (smith machine or various muscle focusing machines) and freeweights (bench or dumbbells). With that being said, I use about 10 different machines or freeweights per workout and if there is only one of a machine then I would wait or do another workout until it was available, it’s not the biggest deal but it was inconvenient. There was an instance at a smaller gym I went to where a group of guys came to workout and they were all using the same machines which greatly increased the time I had to wait to use that machine. It’s much easier to enjoy your gym experience when there are multiple of the same equipment like at larger gyms.

Gold’g gym is huge compared to they gyms I’ve been to in the past which is something I am willing to pay extra for. Of course planet fitness is cheaper but that will also draw more people to use this gym and clog equipment in a way. In addition, Gold’s gym has much more equipment and even has a pool and basketball court, at my location at least. The only workout I had to wait to do was deadlifting as there was only one free squat machine. Thinking back on deadlifting, I could have easily used a benchpress bar for this but I would have been blocking a lot of floor area if I did this which I feel would be a bit rude. 

In conclusion, I would absolutely recommend Gold’s gym over others so far as long as you plan to have a membership during the one or two years of the contract. I know I’ll be working out for at least 2 years, and even if I decide not to workout, The fact that I’m still paying for the contract term will further motivate me to attend and put in the effort.

Please let me know what you think of Gold’s gym, or any experiences you had there, good or bad, I would love to hear from others on this topic.

~Paul Z.

Author: Paul Zollo

Hello, my name is Paul. I love technology, games, fitness and music! I'm here to start my online career and further myself and others as individuals where I can. If you have interests similar to mine feel free to contact me if you have questions or just want to chat. Games: I've been a gamer my whole life from when my father bought me a Super Nintendo to now where I build my own computer and game through it. I love all kinds of games but my favorites are shooters, puzzles and role-playing games. Technology: Technology as always been a major part of my life, from engineering to programming, I've always used technology when I can. I also plan to study more about computer engineering in the future. Music: I love all kinds of music but a couple years ago I discovered Kpop and have added that to my favorite music genres along with hip hop, rock, metal, R&B, screamo, techno and others as well.

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  1. Being that I just began going to the gym, I think I may stick with Planet Fitness because of the financial aspect.  That being said, once I have developed going to the gym as more of a habit and confident that I will stick with it, I may have to look at gold’s gym.  It’s reputation seems to precede itself and gor good reason according to your article.

    1. Thanks for the comment! That’s what I did as well. I started at Planet Fitness because it was cheap which is great. I only ran into a problem when I started getting into a work out routine and there weren’t sufficient equipment or too many people to do the workouts I wanted. That is a great idea though, utilize the cheaper option until you get into a routine or switch when you require additional equipment. Check out my post on resistance bands if you would like an at home option for working out that’s even cheaper!

  2. Great and interesting article. I read about gold´s gym when I was 13 years old and started to do some exercises and we called california´s golds gym as bodybuilding mekka. We have only one gold´s gym here in Finland but its definitely my favorite gym. past 18 years I have gained 75kg more bodyweight and my bench press gone from 50kg to 202,5kg, deadlift from 100 to 305kg. However, my dream would go to California´s Gold´s gym some nice day! I will take a further look at your website.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment. Gold’s Gym has always been prestigious as many famous body builders have went there. Your weight lifting is impressive and much higher that mine! I look forward to lifting more weight in the future though. I’m sure Gold’s in California is massive and impressive also, I would love to visit!

  3. Hello Paul thanks for this really wonderful piece of information. My son have been really disappointed by the gym he is currently using because, first high cost of registration and also not very functional equipments. I have promised to help me find as better gym and I’m pleased to have come across this post. Thanks once again 

    1. Hello Chloe, I’m happy to help! Thanks for the comment. I can definitely say that Gold’s Gym has numerous and functional equipment which does usually come at a higher cost but I would say it’s absolutely worth it if you’re serious about exercise; especially compared to cheaper gyms.

  4. Paul, I remember my planet fitness days as well. They had plenty of cardio machines, but actual weight machines there was only two of the core machines and one of each of the speciaty ones. Golds gym definitely offers you the next level up in gym experience. Also if you choose you can work out at Golds Gyms around the world. A Global chain that allows a great gym experience for all its memebers

    1. I absolutely agree! Gold’s Gym is much more sufficient for my exercise needs! Thanks for the comment!

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