Fit Active Sports- Weight Training Gloves Review

Product: Fit Active Sports- Weightlifting Wrist Strap Grip Gloves

Fit Active Sports Gloves

Price: $19.95

Rating: 4 out of 5






Wrist Support

These gloves have very large wrist straps for greater support. Compared to other gloves, these will lack some flexibility in the wrist but will work very well if wrist pain occurs frequently during exercises. This is, in my opinion, one of the best features of these gloves as the straps help me ventilate my hand between workouts and support my wrists optimally.



You can see the full palm padding here

Padding is provided mainly on the palms and wrists and it is extremely effective as well. These gloves do have open backs but there is little contact made on the back of the hand during most exercises. Open finger gloves can provide irritation for some people but the majority of people seem to not be bothered by it. I’ve yet to get any finger or palm injuries while using them. The padding on these gloves provides phenomenal grip strength which helps greatly for exercises like rows or dead lifts.


Durability and Flexibility

With prominent wrist support there is less flexibility than other products but does work very well for myself and others who prefer ventilation and wrist support. The thick padding on the palms doesn’t hinder grip flexibility. Another fantastic quality about these gloves is the individual finger holes which allows for varying grips, for example, taking your thumbs out during a dead lift. The Velcro on the wrists straps provide a large area so they don’t detach themselves or fall apart easily. I’ve had the gloves for almost a year now and they are completely intact. This could change of course in the coming years but, for the cost, I’ve absolutely got my moneys worth.

These have ultimate ventilation


Ventilation is one of my favorite parts of these gloves. Since the back of the hand has no fabric, your hand can breathe exceptionally. Since the wrist straps are so large and padded, they have very little ventilation besides moving them around in between workouts which leads to sweaty wrists. You can also pull your fingers out of the gloves while the wrist strap is still on to ventilate palms. Since the fingers of the gloves are open, there is full ventilation there as well.


I absolutely recommend these gloves for multiple reasons. The cost effectiveness of these gloves is what brought me to them initially as I didn’t have much to spend. Now this could mean that I skimped in some areas like wrist flexibility or full hand coverage, but I personally prefer wrist support, padding and ventilation. I rate these gloves 4 out of 5 for great ventilation, padding and wrist support. The only reason they don’t get a 5 is because you can find higher quality gloves for more money if you have it to spend.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and thanks for reading!

Author: Paul Zollo

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18 thoughts on “Fit Active Sports- Weight Training Gloves Review”

  1. These gloves are so vital and helpful to trainers and weight lifters because if a good one isn’t used, there would be blisters all over the palm of their hands.The cost effectiveness of these gloves that you made mention is really a good one as one must consider cost also before buying any product. Thanks so much for this very useful and educative review.

  2. Wow. I love the features of this gloves. Reading from the beginning of this article I have the intention of purchasing it and when I see you recommend it then I know I’m making a good decision. My question is where can I get it, I mean order it from any site?, I will be looking forward to your reply. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. The first thing I looked at when I saw this glove was grib flexibility. That was the problem that made me abandon my previous glove and choose to go gloveless when I’m in the gym. The flexibility issue almost cost me my legs so I’ve learnt my lesson. Since the grib flexibility of this is OK, I think I’ll go for it. 

  4. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me.My gym coach have told me to buy this weight training gloves but it kept escaping my mind always.i love the features and the rating. I would order for this soon. Does it have different colour? 

    Thanks for the review. All the best 

    1. Thanks for reading! Feel free to use my affiliate link if you do get them or I can recommend some with different colors like these.

  5. I’ve been looking for a cost friendly pair of gloves for lifting for quite some time now, mainly as I’m a newbie to this, and I don’t want to be shelling out top dollar just quite yet. 

    My main concern is the safety of them and the grip. Is this effected by the price and would you recommend these to a newbie like myself?

    1. Thanks for the comment Chris! I would absolutely recommend these for beginners since they are inexpensive and effective. Even though they are cheap, the material is well put together and have been very safe. The material on the palm is great at gripping even when I lift over 200lbs with dead lifts.

  6. Thanks for writing this review on fit active sports – weight training gloves. I must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to explain in detail the feature of this rest impressed with some of the things I find out about this glove. One of the things I like about this glove is that is not expensive with all it has to offer as a fit active sport glove

  7. Before I learned that I could look up online reviews, my first impulse when needing something inexpensive was to go to Wal-Mart and take my chances with the cheapest I could find. I appreciate that you have chosen to review this inexpensive but vital piece of equipment. 

    Since I am more into riding bikes than weight lifting let me ask… Do you think these would be useful for a bike rider? We would have some of the same grip and ventilation issues.

    1. Thanks for the comment John. I think they would be okay for riding but a full hand glove with good ventilation would probably be better.

  8. This sure meets all my criteria for when picking a glove. It has to have nice support on my wrist and the padding would make it pretty easy for me to be able to easily grip some workout equipment. The pricing is pretty low and I checked out the material used in making this and it is of high quality. Looks pretty cool. 

  9. These gloves sound really great, and so does the amount of wrist support that they give.

    I would like to do weight training, but the only reason I do not is that one of my wrists has been much weaker ever since I broke it a few years ago. Do you think that these gloves would be suitable for me?

    Thank you so much for this information

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Chrissie! Glad I could help you, feel free to use my affiliate links if you don’t mind supporting me.

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